A Burris under the saddle
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While some conservatives seem upset about it, I must agree with Michael Steele

the reality of it for them is there’s no legal reason not to seat him [Roland Burris]

I just don’t see the legal basis for this. I agree with the view of hte Constitution that the US Senate can only refuse to seat for cause related to being legally entitled to be in the Senate. But there’s not much doubt that Burris is legally appointed. Illinois Sectretary of State White’s refusal to sign off is obnoxious grandstanding which he has no right to be doing.

The Illinois legislature declined to act to prevent Governor “The” Rod Blagojevich from appointing Burris so they get to reap their harvest.

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erp Wednesday, 07 January 2009 at 15:44

Considering the climate of Illinois politics is there a better candidate?

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 07 January 2009 at 16:09

Probably not. I would like him to have nominated Jack Ryan, the guy who had his Senate race stolen by the Chicago Tribune on behalf of … then state legislator Barak Obama. Glen Poshard would have been nice but I don’t he would have accepted (he dropped out of politics due to personal and family issues, after losing a gubernatorial election to Jim Ryan). Poshard was the last member of the Democratic Party who got my vote. It says something about Illinois that Poshard ran to the right of Ryan. Poshard was basically a downstater and Ryan part of the Crook County machine, with party labels a distant second.

But just to be clear, the problem is The Rod, not Burris. Anyone selected by The Rod would be having the same difficulties.

Hey Skipper Wednesday, 07 January 2009 at 19:38

I can’t fathom why anyone with even a scintilla of moral fiber would accept the nomination.

The absolute best thing Burris could have done is loudly turned the offer down.

I guess that means Burris is scintallaless.

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Blocked from claiming a Senate seat, a man who once said his success in politics was the result of "

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