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There’s a lot of negative reaction to the current re-make of The Day the Earth Stood Still as you can see here which is the best of the rants. It reminded me of one story I read long ago that treated the idea more realistically.

In that story, Earth is discovered by a community of super-powered immortal aliens who decide humans are mistreating the planet, which is a very nice planet, so they plan to take over. Their clever plot consists of laying about on nice beaches in South America and teasing the natives until the natives wipe themselves out. But, you say, (as one of the characters did), that might take centuries or even millenia. So what? They’re fricking super-powered immortal aliens. Why would they be in a hurry? Ten years, ten thousand years, what’s the difference to them? Better to just relax and let time take care of things for you.

I wondered, remembering that, whether such a stance by aliens might not actually be more effective than threats if making humanity eco-aware was the goal.

Alien: Gosh, this will be a nice place once all you humans are gone.

Human: You’ll see, we’ll clean it up and survive! You can’t just write us off!

Alien: Yes, of course. [sips piña colada] You are all so dedicated. Truly, my plans are now in ruin. You don’t mind if I just sit here until I can compose my quaking psyche again, do you?


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pj Saturday, 13 December 2008 at 10:21

How would we know that the aliens weren’t trying to destroy us by passive-aggressively laying a guilt trip on us, manipulating us into stupid investments in useless environmental laws and into not having children, thus fatally weakening human society?

That is, do you trust the pina colada sipping aliens who are admittedly planning on our destruction to be honest about why we’ll be destroyed? And does it change your anser if they’ve invested in a carbon-credit company?

Annoying Old Guy Saturday, 13 December 2008 at 14:04

We wouldn’t.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay them any mind, since they could basically do whatever they wanted and my opinions / actions would be irrelevant. But I suspect that such aliens would take the place of the EUlite and most people would dote on their every word.

Andrea Harris Sunday, 14 December 2008 at 09:35

I read a story by James Tiptree Jr on an alien plot to take over the world by seeding it with some sort of mind-altering poison that made all the males on Earth kill all the females. Since this was James Tiptree Jr., by the end of the story the plot was pretty much working, and the narrator — a human woman who had gone into hiding — saw her first alien “real estate agent” surveying its new acreage. I have to say that is a lot more plausible than “godlike aliens disapprove of the way we are treating our own planet just because they are godlike perfect beings.”

Annoying Old Guy Sunday, 14 December 2008 at 12:32

The Screwfly Solution

That was one of the more frightening stories I have ever read, because it’s so plausible.

cjm Sunday, 14 December 2008 at 17:47

the thing to do in case of alien invasion, is appear as amusing as possible, while at the same time not appearing edible/tasty. “can we keep him daddy, can we?”

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