Political dysfunction
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Speaking of the Illinois Governor, “The” Rod Blagojevich, his latest escapade is sadly indicative of our dysfunctional political class, of which Illinois state politics is a cutting edge example. The Rod spent his first four years upsetting most (if not all) of the major political factions in the state while demonstrating a near pathetic level of actual governorship. Yet he won a near landslide victory (50%-39%) re-election1.

As a result, The Rod decided he would expand state funding of health care for families, up to an annual family income of $82,000. The legislature said “no way” and The Rod said, “yes way” and as the chief executive ordered state workers to sign people up. Now there are lawsuits and court rulings against The Rod, but he just doesn’t care. Why should he? He won re-election despite being unpopular last time and what is the legislature going to do, impeach him?

The lack of action on impeachment actually puzzles me, because The Rod is very unpopular with the Powers That Be in the legislature (turf war kind of thing) so I would think they would jump at the chance to dispose of him. But perhaps it’s simply that they would rather give up the rule of law than chance the spectre of accountability haunting them and not just The Rod. After all, what are the voters going to do, not re-elect them?

1 The Green Party candidate took 10%, which makes it worse because I doubt even 1% of those would have voted GOP.

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