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I’m reading one comment over and over again in response to criticism here and elsewhere about Barack Obama’s speech — that those who criticize it weren’t the audience for it anyway. I admit that I’m a Republican who has no intention of voting for Barack Obama. However, shouldn’t that have been the audience for this speech?

I can see that, but in this election I am leaning more toward those who think that turn out is what is going to determine the winner, and in that case playing to the base is the right choice. And one may ask whether Senator Obama has any real chance of improving his standing among Republicans or even most moderates. Like dumping his campaiging in all fifty states, why throw good money after bad?

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cjm Monday, 01 September 2008 at 10:56

obama has real problems with his own base, and until he picked palin, so did mccain. the optimal strategy grows your base cohesively. the dem approach has shown it’s weaknesses this cycle as competing groups (women and blacks) tore the party apart. mccain is going to be hammering areas that all voters will consider important — energy, cleaning up government, and national security.

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