We will tolerate no accidents
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There’s economic illiteracy, and then there’s innumeracy as we see in this report from Joanne Jacobs about the effort to apply Title IX to the hard sciences and engineering. One struck me is that this is driven by the view that women should have a numerically equal or greater representation in all fields. That is, women’s participation should be at or above average everywhere. Evil patriarchal mathematics says “that’s not possible”, except for the case where the genders ratios match the population ratio exactly everywhere. That, however, would require absolutely control over the career and employment of every single person. I seem to remember that being tried elsewhere and not working out so well. Except for the nomenklatura who made the decisions. I don’t see, however, the rallying cry of “it’s for the busy body bureaucrats!” gaining a lot of political traction. Still, if we as a society are unwilling to accept gender imbalance, I don’t see what other solution is available.

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cjm Friday, 25 July 2008 at 12:11

too bad about the true nature of who exactly inhabits the right side of the bell curve, in hard sciences and mathematics (and let’s be honest, everything else too). sad to say but the grand experiment has failed, voting is incompatible with XX.

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