The losing ground of middling violence
Posted by aogMonday, 03 March 2008 at 12:06 TrackBack Ping URL

Hot Air has some remarks on the latest futile effort of Israel in Gaza. As noted, Israel has done exactly this kind of limited response before, with no effect, so it’s difficult to see why PM Olmert expects a different result this time.

I wanted to note this because it’s the root of what’s wrong with Orrin Judd’s view of a “free fire zone” in the parts of Pakistan that are controlled by the Caliphascists. While good in theory, the practical fact is that no currently conceivable Presidential candidate is going to take advantage of it, and if they did, Old Media would do all they could to stop any action strong enough to make a difference.

What I wonder is whether the tipping point for all this is a resurgent militarism in Europe — after all, if the so much more sophisticated Europeans start slaughtering non-Westerns, wouldn’t that make it OK for us as well?

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