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Continuing my theme of nit picking minor issues out of larger posts, I give you this post at Winds of Change. A good write up, but my big take away was this —

[…] Obama will argue for caucuses, since his campaign organization is good at winning among activists and students […]

Is it not odd that Senator Obama is the one with the superior on the ground organization? Hasn’t Senator Clinton spent the last, what, 6 years preparing for this? Is she not supposed to be the embodiment of Democratic Party machine politics? How can an upstart like Obama out do her in retail, get out the activists action? I always thought that HRC’s core competencies were intelligence and organization. If she doesn’t have those, what does she have?

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Gronker Wednesday, 05 March 2008 at 19:19

The Clinton’s own the politcal machine, but not the ideological machine. They have party support but not grassroots support. They can put together union leaders and $1000 a plate fundraisers, which is what it takes to win elections. Obama is truely a grass roots canidate, his support comes from the non-politcal fringes of the party.

I have always thought that our best chance to get a conservative back in the Whitehouse was Clinton getting nominated. She has HUGE negatives (over 50% according to some polls) and she is just genuinely unliked. But she does have the machine. Obama may end up being alot more beatable since he has ZERO substance and his base is made up of the folks that seem to never remember to actually vote. Make Nov 4th “free pot smoking day” and he loses 50% of his votes.

Hey Skipper Wednesday, 05 March 2008 at 20:34

If she doesn’t have those, what does she have?

Begging pardon, but what has she ever done to demonstrate she does have those?

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