Staving off the ravening NATO hordes
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Via Instapundit is an article about the next generation of phased array radar. Current phased array lets you point a radar beam in a swath of directions with no moving parts. This is not only more durable but enormously faster, with the pointing happening in milliseconds instead of tens of seconds required by the old physically scanning type.

The new stuff supports a phased array pointing multiple beams simultaneously. Currently, this is simulated by moving the beam around rapidly, but this reduces accuracy and resolution. The new stuff can track multiple targets with dedicated beams in a truly simultaneous fashion. It’s almost as much of a qualitative difference as the original phased array was over its predecessor.

But as cool as that is, it wasn’t actually the most interesting thing in the article. That honor belongs to this parapraph, following a discussion of how this technology will vastly improve anti-ballistic missile defenses —

Therefore, beamforming can change missile defense equations in favor of the defenders. “Russian analysts examining the [missile defense] system would conclude that, at some unforeseen future time … it might be able to engage many hundreds of targets,” a 2007 Arms Control Association report noted. “Such possibilities, however remote they would seem, would certainly conjure up apocalyptic threats to Russia’s national survival.” [emphasis added]

Are they serious? Do the Russian analysts honestly believe that if Russia can’t nuke Europe, Russia as a nation would face total destruction? Is the threat of retaliatory nuclear strikes the only thing that keeps NATO from nuking Russia into the history books? Or is it simpler, in that if Russia can’t nuke, it can’t intimidate its neighbors sufficiently to extract the tribute it needs to survive?

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cjm Friday, 01 February 2008 at 12:39

nato is dead.

pretty cool technology though.

the russians are probably the most paranoid peole on the planet, so i don’t doubt they see things this way. the sooner they die the better off the world will be.

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