Supporting firemen doesn't make you an arsonist
Posted by aogThursday, 13 December 2007 at 21:47 TrackBack Ping URL

Another low moment for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who stated that “[Republicans] like this war. They want this war to continue”. I’m not surprised, it’s a sentiment I have seen expressed by many MALists around the Internet. My standard response is that it’s no different than firemen in a burning building. They don’t like being there, and we don’t like seeing them there. But adults understand that sometimes it’s worth it and you just have to accept the risk. I think this attitude comes not only from our (and particularly the MAL’s) increasing inability to tolerate any sort of perceived risk, but also from the denial of moral agency that’s so prevelant. In my analogy, the perception would be that if a building is on fire, it must have been arson by one of us, as there no other reason for it. Direclty, the only possible reason for a state of war is because America started it. So if we’re at war, it must be because we (or some degenerate blood thirsty hicks in fly over country) like it. The whole thing makes a lot of sense if you just start from the view that all things have as their cause America. That’s the sort of jingoism even the most blood thirsty hicks can’t manage.

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