Freedom of interpretation
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Via Best of the Web is this splending example of someone completely missing the gist of their own argument. The author, Steve Clemons, quotes Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal

Unless you bring Hamas in tune with what is happening on the peace side, you are really not fulfilling a basic requirement

Both the Clemons and I agree with this, and Clemons cites a number of supposedly luminaries who also agree. But Clemons takes it to mean that Hamas representatives should have been invited to Annapolis. Apparently for Clemon, “in tune with” means “physically co-located”. I interpret it as more of a mental thing, that Hamas should start thinking that peace with Israel is desirable, and I can’t see how Clemons can read it as he does, but perhaps he’s been taking lessons from Condoleeza Rice.

P.S. I strongly suspect that Faisal didn’t mean either of things, but more “Hamas should buckle under and obey the Saudi funded gang instead of obeying their Iranian paymasters”.

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