But that doesn't fit my theoretical framework
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This article in Reason seemed very appropriate for my little slice of the world here. The town I live next to (not in! yay!) is a University town and is filled with MALists, despite being in the heart of fly-over country. I see lots of “IMPEACH!” signs and other such reality dysfunctional fluff. Naturally, of course, the city government suffers from exactly the effect outlined in the article, that MALists simultaneously bemoan chain stores while creating a regulatory environment that only chains, with their high powered legal staff, can successfully navigate. The city government is naturally mystified as to why they lag so far behind other nearby towns in business tax revenue, despite how much more they tax the businesses. Or why the local, semi-historic mall and downtown are dead and dieing while the next town over can’t build new stores fast enough. Of course, much of this persists because the ruling class (the professoriate and other their ilk) don’t suffer much, if at all, from their policies. It’s the poor people who would like to have actual jobs and a smaller tax bit who pay.

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