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The Economist has another article on the Ehrenfeld libel case which asks a question that seems to be of the “duh!” category: “can English1 libel law be enforced in the USA?”. When the British government gets around to enforcing the Iranian death sentence on Salman Rushdie, then we can discuss Ehrenfeld.

P.S. What’s interesting is that it’s Ehrenfeld who’s pushing the case in the USA, the plaintiff apparently would prefer no ruling and claims to have made no effort to collect the judgement from Ehrenfeld. One is left wondering what exactly the point of the original lawsuit was, as the book had sold very poorly in the UK (“a few dozen copies”).

1 That is the exact term used in the article. The secessionists are everywhere.

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Ali Choudhury Friday, 16 November 2007 at 13:28

The Scots have their own legal system.

Annoying Old Guy Friday, 16 November 2007 at 14:09

Well, last I checked, UK - Scotland ≠ England. Has that changed?

It occurs to me now that Ehrenfeld may simply be looking for some financial certainty, while the plaintiff wants to be able to the same over her head, as an explanation for the legal activity here.

Ali Choudhury Saturday, 17 November 2007 at 14:06

England and Wales are governed by English law, Northern ireland by Northern Irish law and Scotland by Scottish law.

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