Defining your work as failure
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Those University of Delaware struggle sessions were interesting, although once again it’s clear that the program organizers are completely lacking in any sort of logical thought. The program is, according to its own tenets, completely useless. The putative purpose is to fight racism and oppression in college students. But the program states outright that

  • All European descended people in the USA are racist
  • There is no such thing as a “non-racist”.
  • Except for the non-European descended, who are never racist.

If those are true, how can the program achieve anything? The NED can’t be helped, because they’re already not racist. The ED can’t be help because they’re racist by heritage, unchangeably. So the program is completely incapable of changing anything about racism or oppression. That leaves as its purpose, in the world view of the creators, to be what, exactly? Sadistic humiliation? And what does it say about the University staff that they never thought to ask this obvious question?

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cjm Saturday, 03 November 2007 at 11:46

these colleges should put their money where there mouth is and refuse to accept students of european heritage, and fire all instructors/professors of the same ilk.

erp Saturday, 03 November 2007 at 13:27

Since we are becoming more and more of mixed “race” how is to be determined to which descendence we belong? Can’t wait to see if it closely matches the degrees of negroness as determined by the coloreds in old New Orleans.

Will the left ever stop playing the melanin card?

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