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Since we’re talking about universities let me drop in this article by a professor in a small liberal college. Critical Mass highlights the story because it demonstrates the hard core racialist perspective of modern academia. What I found much more interesting was this quote —

Back then, fighting for the position as a means to diversify was a bold political move on a largely white campus, anchoring the English department’s reputation for progressive politics.

If one wanted a right wing caricature of the Leftist Academia, one would be hard pressed to create a better one than is confessed here in passing. Concern for the students, teaching, or the university? No — just other people’s opinion about the political bias of the faculty. Odd, isn’t it, that when people like us accuse a faculty of being politically biased socialists, there is an explosion of fury, yet here we have a faculty engaging in active discrimination in order to create exactly that view of themselves.

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Andrea Harris Wednesday, 10 October 2007 at 14:52

Explosions of fury usually indicate a sore spot has been probed. On the other hand, accusations with no foundation are usually met with at least an initial confused “what on earth are you talking about?” reaction. Followed by laughter or eyerolling. The fact that accusations of political bias in academia are invariably immediately followed by shrieks of anger and frantic denials is telling.

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