Never a whimper of a doubt
Posted by aogSunday, 14 October 2007 at 20:08 TrackBack Ping URL

I would like to be able to enjoy the slow twisting in the wind of George Washington University, which spewed a lot of harsh rhetoric about not tolerating “hatred” etc. when some nasty posters were thought to be the work of conservative campus group. Once it turned out that the perpetrators were in fact Muslims trying to frame the conservatives, the rhetoric became far more concilatory. This despite the fact that the actual inicident was worse than originally thought, as it involved fraud and defamation as well.

Why won’t I enjoy this? Because nothing will happen. GWU will stall, obsfucate, investigate, and procrastinate until nobody except the wing nuts like me are paying attention and then issue some token punishment and move on. It’s hard to support principles like intellectual freedom when its putative guardians are so pathetically craven.

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Bret Monday, 15 October 2007 at 10:09

If the conservatives were truly principled, when the memory of this (assumedly unpunished) incident begins to fade, they should frame the muslim group doing something awful, which would put the administration in quite a bind.

Annoying Old Guy Monday, 15 October 2007 at 10:43

How would that put the GWU administration in any more of a bind than they are in now? Why wouldn’t the same technique work there, i.e. punishing the conservatives then delaying until the incident is forgotten?

Bret Monday, 15 October 2007 at 14:55

Because they would’ve already set the punishment (or lack thereof). If the administration punished them more, they could sue, demand resignations, etc.

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