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A big headline in our local paper today —

Dems demand answers about Iraqi corruption

I literally laughed when I read that. Yeah, the Iraqi government is corrupt because it acts like the Democratic Party Congressional delegation. Maybe the “Dems” should look in to William Jefferson before going all the way to Iraq. Or perhaps not gutting earmark reform, which seems to be a very bad example to set if one is truly concerned about Iraqi government corruption, as opposed to scoring cheap political points or trying to sabotage the American cause in Iraq.

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erp Saturday, 13 October 2007 at 12:15

I rarely read newspapers, but yesterday I forgot to bring a book to read while waiting for my husband at the doctor’s office. Cable news was blasting on the TV, so to get my mind off that, I picked up the paper. There was some kind of a similar story and I was laughing so hard, the others in the waiting room must have thought I was crazy.

We often say the dems have no shame and will do anything to regain power, but the resolution to condemn the Turks for their ancestors actions a hundred years ago, is not only shameless, it’s nuts.

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