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I was going to mock Block Action Day but I lost the link while it was sitting around waiting for me to have time to write about it. This years theme is “the environment”, which I will ironically subvert by writing about but in a technophilic way. Ever better technology, that’s what we need, unless we want to go all green rage and slaughter most of the human population.

For instance, orbital solar power is an excellent technology that would do much to help preserve the environment. In the longer term, I would expect a lot of manufacturing to follow the power out in to orbit, leaving Earth as basically a park and residential area. Why so many greenies are hostile to space flight when it would be so environmentally beneficial remains a mystery. But no more of one than how people can dart around the world on private jets while ranting about “carbon footprints”.

Speaking of carbon, there is some very cool stuff going on with graphite these days. There are hints that future computational technology could be carbon rather than silicon based. That’s take care of the green house gasses — turn all that CO2 in to game consoles with the synergistic benefit of making people far more sedentary leading to less driving and food use. Definitely a win/win scenario.

Which leads me to another thought, which is related to the space flight one — why aren’t greens and Extropians allied? Who is more environmentally friendly than the latter? They’d be happy to all move off-planet and colonize the solar system in transhuman form. And — here’s the kicker — no more humans! And isn’t that the dream of most greens, deep down?

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erp Monday, 15 October 2007 at 09:46

Extropy Institute (ExI)- Great name, incomprehensible prose about Transhumanism and the Proactionary Principle (ProP). Can’t fail. Busy work for trust fund babies? I hope you’ll keep us informed.

Greens? They don’t care about the environment except as a cudgel to beat Bush and the other evil rapers of our earth mother. They want to destroy free trade and capitalism and foist world socialism on us all. That’s not to say that many weak minded do-gooders haven’t been hood-winked to think differently.

Annoying Old Guy Monday, 15 October 2007 at 10:42

I think of the Extropians as I do the Libertarians. I have a lot of sympathy for the ideology, but many of the proponents are either too much the moonbat or Panglossian (the Extropians tending much more toward the latter). The essence of Extropian belief is that the human condition, with its limitations, is temporary and can be overcome with sufficiently advanced technology. The goal of the Extropian effort is to nuture the creation of such technology, to defeat such things as aging, disease, and stupidity. I also like them because they make my technophilia seem down right staid.

The “Proactionary Principle” is a play on the Cautionary Principle. It says act first, recover later rather than not acting in the presence of risk.

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