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National Review look at the Democratic Party push back against President Bush’s veto of the S-CHIP act. NR shows that for the astute observer (a definition which excludes almost all of Old Media), the story actually supports Bush. Why? Because the “destitute” family used as an example turns out to be at least middle class, if not upper middle class1. Not to mention that there existed insurance that would have been affordable for people of such means. What I think this really shows is that nationalizing health insurance is motivated by ideology of either the Socialist or “where’s mine?” variety, not any concern at all for the poor.

In a similar vein we have this from Mickey Kaus (no link, because Slate is too technically incompetent to provide links)

Here’s an anguished NPR report on a victim of the highly-touted “E-Verify” system for checking the immigration status of employees. It seems Fernando Tinoco, an American citizen, “thought he was living the American dream.” But at a new job he got a “tentative non-confirmation” for his Social Security number. Two hours after being hired he was fired. And then … he “cleared up the problem” … and then he got his job back. … So what’s the big difficulty? He was … humiliated! Yes, that’s the ticket. Though he doesn’t sound very humiliated in this report—despite the egging-on of the NPR reporter (“They thought you were illegal. … Criminal! But you’re an American.” …”Yes. We’re in America, yes.”) … Remember: This is the best case NPR and the legal rights groups that feed it could come up with. … P.S.: Aren’t honest, law-abiding people humiliated by data base errors all the time—like when credit cards are wrongly turned down, etc.? Is that a reason for blocking what even comprehensivists tout as the most important immigration enforcement tool around? It is if you want to block immigration enforcement, I guess.

I suspose we should stop having drivers license checks too, because once I was detained at an airport for having the same name as someone with an outstanding warrant. As with Tinoco, it was cleared up in a short period of time and I was on my way.

These kind of stories leave me wondering if this is really the best these agitators can do, or they’re that tone deaf, or they think these situations are actual horror stories.

1 For instance, their house is worth much more than mine is and I’m very far from destitute.

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erp Sunday, 07 October 2007 at 21:16

Gosh, when direct deposits first started, my husband’s check was deposited in my son’s checking account (they have the same name) and all our checks started bouncing. We somehow were able to overcome the severe humiliation and the bank made good until the mixup was cleared up. Does anyone really pay attention to these articles.

Bret Monday, 08 October 2007 at 00:12

…once I was detained at a for having the same name as someone with an outstanding warrant.

Wow, there’s someone else with the name Annoying Old Guy? Was he also married to someone named Susan?

passing by Wednesday, 17 October 2007 at 08:33

I heard that NPR report. You forgot a couple details. It didn’t get cleared up till he hired an attorney and he didn’t start work until over 2 months later. More information available here.

Little bit of a delay there. A particularly critical point if he needed the money to, you know, pay bills and buy food, stuff like that. Otherwise, hey, who cares if a US citizen is fired by mistake? Who cares if the “big-brother” activities screw over our citizens? Evidently not you.

I would think that you would be more interested in protecting the rights and liberties due to you as a US citizen. That’s why they fought a revolutionary war back when. Those rights are being reduced and eliminated daily by our government and that NPR story was one more example of the same.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 17 October 2007 at 09:42

You should e-mail Mickey Kaus, I quoted his report in toto. He’s generally reliable and leans left. Even if the Post article is accurate, it still seems rather minor for a program affecting many tens of millions of people if that’s the worst incident. Or is your argument that no government program should be acceptable unless its implementation is perfect? Should we stop prosecuting rape cases because of what happened to the Duke Lacrosse players?

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Several labor unions and advocacy groups are targeting about three dozen Republican lawmakers in a $

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