We're OK with letting your people go
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You think you’ve hit the bottom of the barrel in bad PR efforts but then something new comes along, in this case Mexican President Felipe Calderon —

“We strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government that have only persecuted and exacerbated the mistreatment of Mexican undocumented workers,” he said. “The insensitivity toward those who support the U.S. economy and society has only served as an impetus to reinforce the battle … for their rights.”

Imagine that, unilateral border enforcement!

If Calderon is serious about these abuses of Mexican citizens, he should do what any responsible leader of a nation would do — advise his citizens to leave and stay out of the abusive nation. You know, like the travel advisories our State Department helpfully provides.

Given how unilaterally Mexico enforces its own southern borders, I don’t think you could ask for a clearer example of how international “law” and “unilateral” are really rhetorical devices used to mean “the USA has no right to enforce its laws or act in its own interests”.

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Peter Burnet Wednesday, 05 September 2007 at 05:10

but he (Calderon) has often denounced U.S. immigration policy, including more deportations that have divided many families, sometimes forcing U.S.-born children to build new lives in Mexico.

The President of Mexico is complaining publically about the cruelty of forcing people to grow up in Mexico? The mind boggles.

Michael Herdegen Wednesday, 05 September 2007 at 06:50

Good catch !

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 05 September 2007 at 08:20

Even more boggling is that he gets away with it on the domestic political front. And it would never do, never, to emulate that haven to the North in any way, instead of trying desperately to escape there.

I suspect that anti-American rhetoric pays in Mexico, regardless of how little sense it makes or how it insults Mexico and Mexican. There’s actually a book about that, The Guide to the Perfect Latin American Idiot.

erp Wednesday, 05 September 2007 at 08:53

The title of the book could have been “The Guide to the Perfect Idiot”. Intellectual idiocy isn’t confined to the south of our border . . . and speaking of that border, Mexico considers our southwest part of their country, so naturally resents that we are forcibly keeping out the legitimate citizens.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 05 September 2007 at 09:44

Well, there are birds everywhere, but books like “Guide to North American Birds” are still valuable. The intellectualized idiots of Latin America are a distinct variant, although similar in basic shape to their ilk elsewhere.

erp Wednesday, 05 September 2007 at 14:34

er, that should be … Perfect Idiot.”

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