College isn't really its own little world
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Via Brothers Judd is this article about the fight over the Dartmouth board of trustees —

What is surprising to outside observers, perhaps, is the time and money Dartmouth’s sons and daughters are willing to spend indulging that passion. And the extraordinary lengths to which alumni have gone in an intensifying blood-feud over a somewhat confusing set of procedural questions have led some to question whether the parties involved really care, as they say, about undergraduates’ experience at Dartmouth — or see the college as a battleground in a larger culture war between political conservatives and liberal academe.

Why, exactly, is that a dichotomy? Why not both? The two things seem intimately related to me, one being a localized manifestation of the other. It’s like saying that one has to either be concerned about a certain company’s performance or concerned about the Army, but not both. I wouldn’t have any trouble in being concerned about both for the same reason.

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erp Monday, 27 August 2007 at 14:51

Just a few of the more amusing quotes from the article:

“David Spalding, vice president for alumni relations … said the petition trustees might be agents of an organized effort to bring politically conservative leadership to Dartmouth.”

“The Dartmouth Review, an independent student newspaper that is arguably the most notorious conservative organ in American higher education.”

“Spalding — a self-described conservative …”

cjm Tuesday, 28 August 2007 at 21:01

“My name is David Spalding, and I am a conservative”

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