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One of my themes here is people trying to defend proposition A with evidence that either disproves A or makes you think “gosh, A is stupid”. Today’s example is via Junkyard Blog. It is an article about how odd it is to get married at the tender young age of 24. The first page is a bunch of slice of life dreck, but the second page has many nuggets of the “my thesis is stupid” form.

Basically, the second half recounts all of the wonderful things the author has missed out on by getting married young. That’s not obviously stupid — certainly there are a lot of things one gives up to get married, a lot of opportunities that are closed that one might strongly regret missing out on. But instead of dwelling on those, the author provides primarily experiences that would cause any intelligent person to say “gosh, marriage is a great idea!”. The two big ones for me were

  • Not catching genital warts by not having sex among a group of people who all got infected via an initial vector of one of the rock star’s groupies — “I envied them the rock star’s genital warts”.
  • Not being able to use promiscuity to advance her career.

Well, gosh, maybe I need to re-think this whole marriage concept, if that’s the kind of thing I am missing out on.

But perhaps I am reading it wrong, and she’s really being slyly clever and promoting marriage by creating a straw man single life style. If so, it does leave one wondering if one should take advice about relationships by someone who envies catching an STD and would sleep around to get a raise if she could get away with it.

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Michael Herdegen Tuesday, 07 August 2007 at 02:21

She’s not clever, just slightly immature. And bored.

cjm Saturday, 11 August 2007 at 09:13

getting married young won’t necessaril cut you off from lots of fun things, but having kids young sure will. then again, you won’t be changing diapers and reading AARP newsletters at the same time, either.

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