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Fashionably late to the party again …

There was a flap a bit ago about some writer calling for a military coup against the President. He initially defended it but when the heat got too much switched to the “just a joke!” defense. I think that the guy honestly didn’t understand what he was writing and to the extent he did, he was a bit too full of Logo-Realism, believing that writing “it’s not a coup!” would make it not a coup. But ultimately he realized that something was wrong, even if it made no sense. Clearly it was a joke, because that’s what he’s calling it now. I think it would be funny to somehow trap him in a room while a deconstructionist did his thing on the article and dug out the author’s crypto-fascism. Except I doubt he’d get the point.

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Michael Herdegen Saturday, 01 September 2007 at 04:40

What a maroon. When asked about the consequences of such an action, Martin Lewis responds: “I am absolutely not advocating a de facto military coup. … It is an interesting question as to who would then become Commander-In-Chief. I’m not sure that it would be the Vice President.”

So, the military won’t take over, but we won’t follow the Constitution either. Perhaps Mr. Lewis is hoping that Gen. Pace will choose a bright, go-getting young blogger to be the next Commander in Chief, perhaps… A Mr. Martin Lewis ?

(Also, Mr. Lewis is apparently unaware of the meaning of “de facto”).

But the bottom line is, how shallow and crazy does one have to be to not see what a nightmare it would be to have the world’s sole hyperpower devolve into So. American-style shambolic political struggles ???

To paraphrase Golda Meir, Martin Lewis hates Bush more than he loves his own children.

Annoying Old Guy Saturday, 01 September 2007 at 07:00

See, that’s what I am not convinced of. I really think that Lewis is a Logo-Realist and believes that if he doesn’t call it a coup, then all of the standard post-coup problems you mention won’t happen, because (tah dah!) it’s not a coup. And yes, I think he’s that shallow a thinker.

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