It's easy to litter when the garbage lands on someone else
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Over at Harry’s Place is this quote

Probably the most interesting fact about this clip from Al-Jazeera is that the sane liberal lives in Cairo and the insane Islamist lives in… London (with the status of a political refugee).

Not at all surprising. It’s the same effect as that by the 70s or 80s, all real Communists were either members of the Party or well off Westerners. It’s another aspect of the End of History that nothing destroys the enthusiasm for alternates to liberal democracy like living in one.

I was going to write that Communism and Caliphascism rapidly reduce support to those who beneift from the regime. But now I think that’s not any different in a liberal democracy. The real difference is that, unlike its competitors, liberal democracy can have a majority who benefit. If the basis of your government is looting (as it is for Communism and Caliphascism) then only a minority can be better off than they would be without it. It is only (as far as we know now) liberal democracy that can make a majority better off than they would be otherwise.

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The problem isn't filing an FEC complaint against DailyKos, but the law that enables the filing. Forcing supporters to endure the consequences is a great way to erode support for such political regulation.

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