Creative turnabout
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There is much discussion about the future of copyrights and intellectual property with regard to the ever increasing power of information technology. Many wonder if it is even possible to defend IP in the presence of such power to copy information and what this means for large “content” providers.

That’s an edge that cuts both ways. One of the reasons that major content providers are leary of taking advantage of user communities is because of copyright issues and the potential legal problems when a contributor claims that his idea was stolen. But if copyright protection becames a dead issue, will major content providers change from providers to leaders who create a community from which content is drawn? Something to consider when it’s argued that lack of copyright will destroy creativity. I suspect that it will just “swish the dirt around” — old forms will fall out of favor and be replaced by new structures for focusing human creativity.

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Bret Monday, 04 June 2007 at 14:12

I think (very strongly) that you’re right. I think that in the very least, all form of IP protection should have greatly reduced terms. One could certainly try a shorter term (say a mere 50 years for copyright) and see if creativity really did drop signficantly. If not, how about 20 years? Still good? How about 10 years? 5 years?

Annoying Old Guy Monday, 04 June 2007 at 15:41

I agree with that, current copyright laws are simply untenable with current technology. I was trying to explore more the idea that their loss wasn’t a one sided problem for major content providers, that there were in fact some distinct advantages to it. Moreover, those advantages stem from the same technology destroying copyright law. I have another post percolating in the mesh about modern attachment to entertainment intellectual property which ties in with this post.

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