A good start
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As long as we1 are congratulating each other for blathering on (at 350 and 500 — congratulations!) I thought I’d mention that, counting all of my currently active weblogs, this is my 7,196th post. Still, I can’t compete with the master of blather.

1 The Post-Judd Alliance

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Michael Herdegen Sunday, 06 May 2007 at 04:52

We are not worthy, oh exalted one.

But comparing yourself to Orrin is apples to oranges. His specialty is posting a snippet of someone else’s blather that he believes supports his positions, or is merely interesting, and adding a one-liner of his own. You might as well compare yourself to Drudge.

Annoying Old Guy Sunday, 06 May 2007 at 08:50

It’s just my innner Stalinism — “quantity has a quality all its own”.

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