Preserving evil for the children
Posted by aogTuesday, 24 April 2007 at 10:35 TrackBack Ping URL

Over at Samizdata there’s some discussion about the absurdities of the modern environmental movement. What always strikes me is the double think about petroleum. The standard green rage view of this substance seems to me to be that

  • Use of oil is an affront to Gaia, polluting the pure air and melting the globe.
  • Oil is a precious substance that must be conserved for the use of future generations.

To me, these are obviously contradictory. If using oil is bad, why preserve it to bedevil future generations? We should burn it all, right now, to protect the future environment. Or if it’s something precious and useful enough to worry about saving for The Children™, then what’s so bad about using it?

At a higher level, if there’s a finite amount of oil, then at some point future generations will have to do without because either it will get used up or we won’t ever use it again which has the same effect. Finite resources cannot be preserved indefinitely, it just doesn’t make sense. But indefinitely preserving a deadly resources seems to be the basis of much environmental theory about oil which doesn’t indicate good things about the grasp on reality of those believing it.

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