Just like dieting, the solution is simple but hard to implement
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Apparently the amount of western aid to ‘tackle global poverty’ decreased year over year for the first time since 1997, which, frankly, isn’t all that long ago. The article treats this as a bad sign, but why? It’s not like the decades of aid have had any net positive effect. As many have pointed, the only known effective poverty prevention program is implementing the rule of law and liberal democray. As far as I can tell, most western aid actively discourages that which cancels out the benefits of the aid. I suspect global poverty would recede faster if all aid, so I read this article as more hopeful than not.

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David Cohen Wednesday, 04 April 2007 at 10:37

Your mistake is in thinking that it’s about them. It’s really all about us. If it costs us more than it did last year, we’re good people. Whether or not it makes a difference in some third world country is irrelevant. The only good thing that can be said for this mindset is that it’s not just something we impose on the third world. It’s also how we run our public education.

cjm Wednesday, 04 April 2007 at 13:26

the liberal man’s burden

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