Emergency code slinging
Posted by aogMonday, 02 April 2007 at 08:32 TrackBack Ping URL

Sigh, I burned the whole weekend working on an emergency code fix for a Movable Type plugin that’s not even mine. It’s the MTFlickPhotos and Flickr recently changed how they handle URLs to images. Naturally, this was a small change in an obscure case that I, apparently alone of all the plugin users, use. And naturally, it effectively disabled the plugin for me.

Of course, I couldn’t just hack in a fix — no, no, that’s just not my style. I ended up doing a major restructuring to make it much more object oriented. I think the code looks much better now, although I updated it just enough to work for me. I will drop the original author a copy after it’s been in use for a bit to verify stability.

So, how was your weekend?

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joe_shropshire Monday, 02 April 2007 at 22:16

You know, I exchanged a couple of words with my supervisor today. Haven’t talked to him in a week or so. It went something like this.

Supervisor: Code faster. Me: ok.

Words cannot describe how much sympathy I have for you.

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