Noting the good with the bad
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I would be remiss if I didn’t echo posts about the Secular Islam Summit. I wrote earlier about the problems the ummah was causing for itself in the future and how it was far more their responsiblity than ours to avoid. This summit seems to me to be an excellent way to try to get started on avoiding the catastrophic outcome that seems (to me) otherwise inevitable. Pajamas Media has a big round up on the summit. That these people are afraid of other Muslims far more than non-Muslims reinforces my point that there’s little we, outside of the religion, can do except to be honest and clear, acknowledging progress (like this) as well as problems.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this quote (via Jihad Watch)

The first Secular Islam Summit was a success if for no other reason than it intimidated the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the PR machine of militant Islam.

Few organizations in the USA have done more to harm the public image of Muslims than CAIR. Anything that makes them unhappy is very likely to be a good thing.

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cjm Thursday, 08 March 2007 at 09:04

now if we could just get the dunce-in-chief to stop inviting CAIR represenatives to the white house…

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