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I was cruising through a list of the 101 Dumbest Business moments of 2006. Most of them were of the standard, momentarily amusing type but two stood out for me —

TradingMarkets - a Web site that provides its subscribers with professional stock-market expertise for as much as $100 a month - in January invites 10 Playboy models to participate in an investing contest.

When results are tallied toward the end of the year, 40 percent of the bunnies deliver better returns than the S&P 500, compared with just 29 percent of actively managed mutual funds. [source]

Maybe the darts were less distracting.

In September, Greece announces that its gross domestic product since 2000 has been revised upward by an unheard-of 25 percent. The secret to its newfound wealth?

A change in bookkeeping that adds in the nation’s robust black-market industries such as prostitution and money laundering. But becoming “richer” turns out not to be as good as it sounds: The revised GDP figures cost the Greek government as much as $600 million annually in European Union funds earmarked to help poorer nations. [source]

If you can’t spare the dimes, don’t claim the crimes.

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