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It seems that John Edwards is reprising the Walter Mondale strategy of pre-announcing tax increases. I think that will be even less successful than it has been in the past, becaues the citizenry is more aware that “more taxes” means “more taxes on me”.

Edwards said

The only way you can pay for a health care plan that costs anywhere from $90 billion to $120 billion is there has to be a revenue source [taxes]

Any one with economic sense is left wondering why using tax money somehow changes who will actually pay for this healtcare plan. Where, exactly, does Edwards think the money to pay those taxes come from? The tax fairy? At least Senator Clinton is smart enough to claim that a government run health system will save money without reduction in quality, which while highly dubious is at least more plausible than Edwards.

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Michael Herdegen Thursday, 08 February 2007 at 03:39

John Edwards is a super-lightweight who’s running for VP again.

He has a better shot than Kucinich does, but that’s not saying much. Actually, that’s a given, since Edwards could theoretically win the general election, whereas Kucinich cannot.

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Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said he would raise taxes on some Americans to help e

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