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I have to agree with this post that there seems to be a strong increase in efforts to stifle all dissent about anthropogenic global warming. The very idea that something as poorly understood as global climate can be beyond any doubt is exactly what Orrin Judd would call “Scientism” instead of science. What’s ironic is so many of these people are precisely the ones who champion scientific martyrs like Galileo, yet now they are the Church which cannot tolerate disagreement.

It may seem ironic that this clamp down is happening just as dissent is starting to spread significantly (and even the IPCCC is downrating its predictions), but it’s not. I suspect there is a causal relationship, suppression of dissent the natural reaction of a ideology that has peaked and is starting to decline. There is also the problem that once AGW becomes conventional wisdom, a large pressure for feasible responses arises. It’s been clear from the beginning that most AGW boosters were boosters to achieve unrelated ideological results, with AGW simply a convenient banner to wave. With people starting to look seriously at those proposed solutions and realize how infeasible and inferior they are, the precendent of no debating becomes critical.

What it reminds me most of is stock run ups — you know it’s time to get out when your Mom mentions what a hot prospect it is. Time for those in the know to cash in and leave the marks holding the bag.

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erp Saturday, 03 February 2007 at 17:10

I read that Gore’s fairy tale is being distributed to all the schools in the UK. I wonder who’s paying for that. Surely the educational system isn’t wasting tax payer dollars on that drivel.

Robert Duquette Sunday, 04 February 2007 at 09:17

If it’s a wast of dollars, then you know that the government is behind it.

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