When you've got a shovel, digging is natural
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Orrin Judd dismisses the recent Ethiopian adventure in Somalia as just a “brief feel-good story”, a sentiment I find odd. Judd is a big fan of destabilization in Iraq and the surrounding area, precisely because of the dead end nature of the Realist school of stability. But instability in Somalia is bad and Ethipoia ended up sorry for having destabilized the regime a good thing.

Personally, I see it as one more thread in the tapestry of defeat that Islam is weaving. Month by month, some faction of Islam manages to make one more enemy for the religion. The idea of the USA alienating the rest of the planet is a commonly discussed one, but one that doesn’t hold up well to actual facts. On the other hand, Islam’s shrinking set of non-enemies grows continuously but no one, including the ummah, seems to be concerned about that.

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Robert Duquette Monday, 08 January 2007 at 05:00

Orrin likes neat, bipolar narratives. Red States good, Blue States bad, religion good, secularism bad, the US good, Europe bad, etc, etc. But the world is more than bipolar, sometimes it is tripolar or more. So it’s hard to fit all those poles into one narrative. Like the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but sometimes my enemy’s enemy is my enemy too. He’s hunkering down with the Somali Islamicists because it keeps the narrative neater.

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