More book related thoughts
Posted by aogThursday, 11 January 2007 at 15:46 TrackBack Ping URL

Has some convention changed in the last few years in the publishing industry and I wasn’t informed? I was trying to buy a book in a particular ficton by a particular author. It was new to me, so I wanted to start with the first book. This turned out to be challenging because the “books by this author” page in the preface listed them in reverse order (last to first). I didn’t realize this because the author has another ficton and the books for that one were listed first to last. Mostly. The very first book (by internal and external time) was listed third, followed by the rest in mostly internal chronological order (but not quite). Nowhere in the books could I find any other listing to indicate the ordering.

I realize now I should have checked the first publication date, but didn’t publishers used to make it easier for people to get started on a series by listing the books in the series in order? I don’t think it was just this book, as I have vague memories of being taunted in this way by a couple of other series. That’s not to mention that the series would be clearly marked as well, and now it’s just a flat list of titles and the reader is left to guess which books are related. I hope this is just an oversight and not the start of a trend.

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