Still not quite grasping the concept
Posted by aogThursday, 21 December 2006 at 12:34 TrackBack Ping URL

I got an e-mail today advertising US News & World Report’s new weblog by David Kaplan called Bad Guys Blog. I was located by detecting that this weblog had linked to USNWR in the past. Although the e-mail dangled the possibility of collaboration (good), it did not contain the URL of the new weblog. I had to find it via netsearch. Oh, and (haha! lame!) I tried to subscribe via Bloglines because the weblog at least had a badge for that in the sidebar BUT — the feed file to which it refers doesn’t exist.

P.S. As a bonus, though, I was going to write about how Kausfiles didn’t have a feed, but I discovered that Slate had upgraded their feeds so that, yes, finally, there is a Kausfiles RSS feed. So, thanks USNWR webmaster, you’ve put a competitor back in my regular reading file.

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