It's pointless to worry about slinging mud at pigs
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Ah, now that my Best of the Web mystery has been cleared up, I thought I would provide an answer for one of its questions.

In today’s column there is this

Former US Senator Max Cleland of Georgia, who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam, and who has been a Legion member since 1969, expressed concern in an interview on Friday that by inflating his résumé, Morin has undercut the credibility of veterans’ groups as they seek congressional support for underfunded veterans’ programs.

“For the national commander of the American Legion, who never even served in the Vietnam theater, to call himself a Vietnam veteran is a lie,” Cleland said.

But where was Cleland four years ago, when Rep. Jim McDermott claimed that he and his then colleague David Bonior—both of whom had just returned from Baghdad, where they propagandized on behalf of Saddam Hussein—”were in that war,” namely Vietnam? In fact, McDermott was a Navy psychiatrist and Bonior an Air Force cook—both in California.

That’s an easy one. Note that Cleland is concerned about undercutting the credibility of the American Legion. The only way McDermott and Bonior could under the credibility of Congress is if they turned out to be journalists.

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cjm Friday, 08 December 2006 at 18:59

cleland is kharma in action. a total buffoon that would be right at home in a fellini film.

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