I can dream, can't I?
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John Bolton has announced his resignation from the UN when his recess appointment ends. His official appointment is still bottled up in a Senate committee.

It seems to me that President Bush has an excellent opportunity to play some hard ball politics and throw a bit of red meat to the conservatives. There are at least two options, both of which start with leaving Bolton’s nomination in committee until it is voted on.

The first option is to then tell the Senate “without Bolton, the UN is simply too anti-American to be useful, so I have no intention of appointing anyone else. If you think the USA should effectively withdraw from the UN, go ahead and sit on the nomination.”

The other option is the Deval Patrick option. In this case, Bush appoints some cooperative person as Bolton’s assistant. When Bolton resigns, the assistant becomes the acting Representative. Bush then appoints Bolton that guy’s assistant, then the guy resigns. Now Bolton is acting UN representative until the Senate actively does something to kick him out. He’d probably last the rest of Bush’s term.

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cjm Friday, 08 December 2006 at 19:01

yeah, the bush family is know for playing hardball politics. gutless wonders all.

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