Nothing like self interest to motivate concern for others
Posted by aogWednesday, 22 November 2006 at 13:50 TrackBack Ping URL

I have been meaning to comment on two posts at Hot Air, here and here. The specific content isn’t all that interesting, but the trend signifiers are. In both, something inappropriate happens on camera in a live broadcast situation. The clips of course end up on YouTube, and linked to from Hot Air. What’s so modern about them is in one, right after the faux paus someone else in the video remarks “You realize you just made your YouTube debut”. In the other, someone says something similar and the transgressor looks right in the camera and says “YouTube me. Just YouTube me! Do it now!”. And we all know, at least one person did exactly that.

I wonder if we might not see a bit more slack start to develop in the culture as everyone becomes vulnerable to this phenomenon. It used to be that the top tier could depend on friends in Old Media to tamp down stories or gaffes, but today it is impossible to stop wide spread knowledge of such things because it will be on the Internet and around the world before the publicist’s phone starts ringing. Maybe (I can dream, can’t I?) we will, as a society, move away from the petty gotcha tactics of (for instance) Bushisms because everyone will have to live with the knowledge that they could be next.

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