Maybe they just need it explained to them by a pundit
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The quality of The Atlantic Monthly continues to decline. I happened upon the October 2006 issue which had as the featured article one by Robert D. Kaplan. The abstract is

The furor over Kim Jong Il’s missile tests and nuclear brinksmanship obscures the real threat: the prospect of North Korea’s catastrophic collapse. How the regime ends could determine the balance of power in Asia for decades. The likely winner? China.

He can’t possibly be serious. Ignoring the issue of which nation would have that mess on its border and where the refugees would go, is Kaplan so ignorant of the facts on the ground that he doesn’t realize that the North Korean regime remains in power only with the active support of China? That leads immediately the question “if the collapse of North Korea benefits China, why haven’t they pulled the plug?”. It would seem that the ChiComs don’t agree with Kaplan and if there’s one thing the ChiComs know, it’s their own self interest (which, admittedly, is hardly the same as China’s, but I am willing to presume that Kaplan means the ChiComs when he writes “China”).

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