It's a niche job if you can get it
Posted by aogMonday, 20 November 2006 at 19:34 TrackBack Ping URL

Finally, news I can use from Brothers Judd.

The article is a revisiting of the tech boom at the start of the millenium. The claim is that small, niche oriented companies did as well in that boom as in other booms, that the difference was the emphasis on being the biggest and best. Given that my company is bringing out a very targeted product, it looks like we had a better innate business sense than many of the VC firms back then. If you knew me well, you’d realize what a harsh statement that is.

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cjm Tuesday, 21 November 2006 at 18:34

what does your product do ?

Annoying Old Guy Tuesday, 21 November 2006 at 21:06

Since it’s not out yet, I don’t want to say too much. Basically it does static analysis of configuration files for security devices (firewalls and routers only for the first release). Right now verification of these are done by eyeball, which is slow and unreliable. It can provide a functional view of a configuration or compute the functional difference of two configurations for the same device (so you know what’s going to happen when up update a live device). We’ve got some beta customers and should have a release out to them this year. Next year will be our make or break year.

Brit Wednesday, 22 November 2006 at 08:39

I haven’t the faintest idea what your product might do, and even if you explained it to me in patient detail, I probably still wouldn’t have the faintest idea, but I wish you every success.

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