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I can’t resist taking my own snarks at the whole Path to 9/11 situation. Every time you think the MAL has hit bottom, they invent new digging equipment.

In the week or so before the show, I thought the Clitonista protests were stupid but common variety stupid, the kind of non-introspective emotional reaction to the moment that characterized the entire Clinton years. “Feh!”, I said, “it’s only slightly more interesting than the Brangelina malformed baby story”.

But now we’re seeing comedy gold. The first instance that really struck home with me was via my deep black source which referred to this post by someone who is apparently not a fringe moonbat (since he’s getting the treatment by Ann Althouse). I will conceed to my source that there isn’t one good quote, it’s chock full of flourescent idiocy. Still, this is my favorite —

What else can we do to highlight Disney and ABC’s complicity and duplicity in blackening the names of 3,000 dead Americans? For example, Disney’s involvement with war propaganda during World War II. […] How do we make clear to America that the Disney brand is unpatriotic […] ?

Disney, unpatriotic because they produced WWII propaganda for the Allies? I have been wondering when the internal logic of the MAL would force them to regret “the Good War” and lo, there it is. The idiocy is thinking that exposing Disney’s WWII efforts will contribute to convincing the American Street that Disney is un-patriotic. It would be much easier to do that by pointing out the lack of current pro-American propaganda from the Disney cartoon mill. But good luck with that anti-WWII base for public relations, dude.

The right wing blogosphere has been wondering for years about how to get the American Street to re-examine the years leading up to the attacks, never realizing that the weapon they needed would be forged by the hands of their enemies. I can’t imagine what could possibly have done more in that regard than the current campaign against the movie. But, once again the MAL is caught because it seems incapable of ever dropping any of its ideological baggage (either policies or leaders). In computer science, we would call this “bit-rot”, the point at which a codebase is so riddled with patches, kluges, and special cases, that it is no longer possible to incrementally improve it because any change just makes things worse. Yet the codebase can’t be left alone because it’s incapable of meeting the demands placed upon it.

I think we are seeing the MAL’s ideology hit the bit-rot wall, where they can’t react because that just makes it worse, but they have to react to defend their positions. The solution to codebase bitrot is to junk large sections of the codebase at a time and re-work them from the ground up (something the Conservatives did in the last quarter of the last century). That seems beyond the psychological endurance of the MAL so I can’t see how they get out of the current death-spiral. But it’s fun to watch.

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