Freedom for thee, but not for me
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With regard to this previous entry about how the difficulties of the USA and its allies with the Caliphascist forces is self-imposed, I wanted to cite this article (via Brothers Judd) which is about the anti-piracy efforts of the Caliphascist forces in Somolia. The money quote is —

The West may have the better navy — outfitted with all the newest high-tech toys — but Islamist militias in Somalia seem to have the upper hand battling piracy.

Once again we see the failure of understanding why the Caliphascist forces alledgedly do better, which is that those forces do not constrain themselves. This oversight is particularly bizarre when committed by Old Media, which is infamous for jealously protecting non-Westerners “civil rights”, especially in light of a quote like this —

“The actions of the pirates were unlawful, unacceptable and un-Islamic,” Sheikh Said Ali, an ICU official, told the AFP news agency. “Anybody suspected of aiding pirates or being among them will be punished according to Sharia law.” [emphasis added]

Imagine the outcry should some Western government, particularly the USA, act in a harsh manner against people who are suspected of aiding pirates (or other enemies of civilization)1. The USA would certainly do much better than Sheik Ali’s forces if we, too, were lauded for acting against any suspected pirates or pirate aiding people.

1 I want to be careful to not tar Judd with this, as he openly admires the willingness of Caliphascist forces to enforce conformity and never objects when the USA behaves in a similar fashion. In fact, he has a good insight —

By providing security where none previously existed they shrink the Gap, even if such is not necessarily their intent.

One needs to keep in mind that as bad as Shari’a law seems to us, it was a significant improvement over the tribal law that it replaced, just as even Caliphascist rule is an improvement over anarchy and piracy. The problem seems to be that such an improvement is sticky, tending to inhibit further improvement, as 1400 years of Islam indicates.

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