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One of the tropes that I harp upon with regard to WWIV is the denial of agency on the part of any one except the USA / Anglosphere by many of the critics and Caliphascist fellow travelers. Via Winds of Change is a typical variant of this.

It is, of course, legitimate to wonder about the effects on the opinions of the ummah of American foreign policy. The illegitimacy comes from writing as if Caliphascist actions have no equivalent effect. I.e., the Muslim Street would decide on its policies by judging American behavior only. That has always seemed a rather strong presumption that requires strong proof, but I have yet to see any presentation of evidence to support it. My view is that it is an artifact of an underlying anti-Americanism or just anti-GOP sentiment, not the result of even a shallow analysis.

Now, there has been some evidence around to be cited, such as amount of outrage over minor issues such as the so-called “mo-toons” or Pope Benedicts recent statements, in contrast to the lack of outrage over the wholesale slaughter of Muslims in Sudan and Iraq1.

Yet perhaps we are seeing the (typically) slow movement of public opinion on the Muslim Street. The outrage over Benedict’s remarks, while wide spread, seems particularly shallow. It demonstrates an increasing reliance on professional efforts at inciting rather than any organic rage. It is a reason to have some cautious optimism that perhaps the Muslim world is starting to realize that accomodation to the West is in its own best interests, not just a Zionist plot.

1 Of course, there’s a bit of pot and kettle here, as the Anglosphere still has quite a large reserve of fondness for Socialism, despite the legacy of immiseration, oppression, and terror it has left in its wake. Is the attraction of Caliphascism for the ummah really that much different?

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cjm Thursday, 28 September 2006 at 13:41

perhaps the muslim street is starting to realize that the american street is starting to gear up for a real fight; i.e. to the finish. unlike europe, american voters can and will force politicans to do their bidding. for example, here the death penalty is enforced and is popular; in europe it is equally popular but is not enforced. that is due solely to the fact that socialism is not responsive to voters. although a lot of people in the west make a lot of chin music about caring for other peoples, the reality is we won’t lose a minute of sleep, if we have to demolish the middle east and confiscate their oil; think “Bureau of Arab Affairs” if you catch my drift.

i think that satellite tv and the internet make it harder and harder for groups of people — like the arab nations — to be kept ignorant of how the rest of the world actually is. once they’ve seen oprah, how are you going to keep them in burqas ? :)

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 28 September 2006 at 14:01

Yes, that’s one thing that bugs me when I hear about efforts at “out-reach” and how we, the Anglosphere, have to understand the ummah. The bottom line is as you say, if pushed too far we’ll play “Cowboys and Muslims” with similar results. One might be lead by this fact to conclude that it’s the ummah that needs to be concerned about reaching out. It continually strikes me as bizarre that the same gang that goes on about America’s deep seated evil and brutality then proceeds to provoke America. That’s flourescent idiocy.

It also makes me think of how misinterpreted America’s love of entertainment is. Generally it’s viewed by foreigners as weakness but the fact is we like it so much that’ll we kill anyone who gets between it and us without much hesitation.

There was a good post elsewhere, to which I lost the link, which addressed this via the point of view that the American Street was moving beyond sympathy and anger to indifference, and that this state was far more dangerous than either, which is in line with your comment.

Michael Herdegen Thursday, 28 September 2006 at 19:33


You should put that comment on the front page. I don’t know if it’s true about Americans and their pursuit of pleasure, but it sounds good, it might be true, and it’s funny.

cjm Friday, 29 September 2006 at 10:55

the even bigger point, is that americans see war as the best entertainment of all, and that should give all of these ragged assed buggers pause for thought.

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