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I was reading these two posts over at Winds of Change when I realized what the base for Old Media being so supportive of Caliphascist organziations. At heart, it is that such people have unlimited credibility with Old Media. Why that is isn’t clear to me. But observationally, it’s not so much that Old Media promotes the Caliphascist viewpoint but that Old Media is willing to extend credibiity to any pronouncements from that side. Repeated episodes of fraud and misrepresentation (such as the recent altered photograph debacle) have no effect on the overall credibility of such organizations and their fellow travelers.

This is to me the money quote from the post:

So on one hand, we’re getting rolled in the media by the oter side, and on the other, we seem to be precluded from managing newsflow because when we’re caught, it will be so embarassing that we’ll lose all credibility.

The essense is that from the point of view of Old Media and the chatterati, only the USA can lose credibility. I suspect that this is yet another example of the agency problem in which Old Media refuses to believe in foreigners as real people who have moral agency, i.e. the ability to make decisions and be responsible for the consequences. Credibility is a property of humans and therefore isn’t an issue for non-Americans who are not thought of as really human by Old Media.

In the final analysis, I don’t think Old Media supports the Caliphascists so much because of being fellow travelers, but because they are simply too parochial and bigoted to treat them with the same level of expectation as they do their fellow Westerners.

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