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Posted by aogSunday, 13 August 2006 at 10:06 TrackBack Ping URL

As I was reading this commentary from the Israel / Lebanon war zone I realized that there’s a clear indication of how governance is not creating any sense of responsibility among the Islamic terror gangs in the Middle East. Israeli PM Olmert is in deep political trouble for this basically pointless war. On the other side, however, does anyone seriously think any leader of Hizb’allah will suffer any political price for provoking the wide spread destruction in Lebanon in order to attack a neighboring state that wasn’t attacking or invading Lebanon? Unlikely, since the real lynchpin of Hizb’allah is foreign funding, all of their domestic support basically being purchased with that money.

That thought leads directly to Iran, in which another gang of thugs has not only not moderated their support for terrorism through having to govern, but has seriously mismanaged the economy of Iran so that it is far worse off than it could have been. One must deduce that either the Iranians would prefer to be terrorist sponsoring than wealthy, or the mullahocracy isn’t really accountable to the citizenry. There doesn’t seem to be much hope that statehood for Hamas or Hizb’allah will make much difference for peace in the Middle East.

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