People skip out on the bill, not the meal
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Via Brothers Judd is this demonstration of the cluelessness of Old Media

In a significant move, Canadian and NATO officials in southern Afghanistan are involved in sensitive negotiations with Taliban fighters after discreet backroom signals from insurgents that they might be willing to lay down arms.


Disarmament talks are unfolding even as “hundreds” of fighters mass west of Kandahar in an ominous prelude to a potential battle.

“Even as”? Let’s see, what happened the last time a bunch of Taliban massed for a battle? Oh, yeah, they got shot to pieces. And now the writer here wonders why some of the fighters about to be sent out for a repeat performance might want to surrender first? Obviously, while they’re still in the back areas, bossing people around, looking cool with their AK-47s, and getting trained, they won’t surrender. Life is good. It is precisely when it’s time for them to eat some NATO munitions that they’ll want a change of lifestyle.

UPDATE: Well, look at that — the new Taliban offensive got shot to pieces just like the last one. Who except Old Media is surprised? (H/T to Mr. Herdegen)

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Michael Herdegen Sunday, 20 August 2006 at 05:10

As you said, about the Talibi getting “shot to pieces” when they dare attack en masse - this morning’s news:

71 suspected Afghan militants killed

The 71 insurgents were killed when they attacked police in Panjwayi district in southern Kandahar province late Saturday, said Niaz Mohammad Sarhadi, the district chief.

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