We know all about trust
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Over at Brothers Judd is a post about applied ethics in which L. Rogers wonders:

Whenever I see one of these “experts,” I wonder who this person is, what makes him an “expert,”

Why, a degree granted by an accredited university, of course! What other standard of intellectualism has any validity? Are we not all Logo-Realists? Do not the words on that paper define what it means to be an ‘expert’?

Anyway, sad to say, I have do have an associate (a close friend of She Who Is Perfect In All Ways) who has a PhD in ethics and teaches at a university. She was in town recently and was lamenting over the difficulties of career advancement. It seems that she made a big mistake in collaborating in her work, because it seems that if one isn’t the sole author on a paper, how can the rest of the field tell if you did any of the work?

The impliciations of that passed me by the first time, because I generally write off anything academic to the general lunacy that seems to govern its rules, but think of the irony of the field of professional ethics that its members do not trust each other to be accurate about paper authorship, not to mention the clear discouragement of cooperation in the field. Keep that in mind the next time you hear a professional ethicist going on about trust and cooperating.

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