Perhaps your secret plan would be more secret if it weren't published in a national magazine
Posted by aogMonday, 17 July 2006 at 15:48 TrackBack Ping URL

US News and World Report has an article about problems the Democratic Party is having on RKBA issues. Here’s the money quote:

Gun-control proponents should avoid efforts like the assault weapons ban that were more effective at agitating gun owners than at preventing gun violence, says Daniel Webster of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. He recommends targeting unscrupulous dealers, and points to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who leads a coalition of over 50 mayors backing a crackdown on illegal gun sales. For backers of gun control, perhaps that’s a start.

Note the direct implication of this — it’s not about public safety but about banning guns. Advocating positions that support public safety is purely a marketing technique, designed to get citizens used to government intervention. You can see this because the suggested action, which contributes to public safety, is a “start”, not something valuable in itself for its contribution to public safety. One is left wondering, of course, about what the real goal is. Is it really just an irrational1 fear of guns?

1 Irrational because it’s disconnected to public safety. A gun banning movement that was concerned about public safey might be wrong, but it would be rational. But a movemment that simply wants to ban guns regardless of the public safey implications strikes me as a bit nutty.

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