Oh, I'm sure it will just be another couple days…
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I find it ironically amusing that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is busy trying to arrange for a multinational force to satisfy Israel’s requirements for a cease fire when anyone with clue realizes it isn’t going to happen soon, if at all. Surely Rice is aware of this, she can’t have been that corrupted by the State Department yet. So what is she doing?

Basically what this commentor says — stalling for time while looking busy. For various reasons, she wouldn’t want to come right out and say that, but by going through the futile motions, she prevents anyone else (particularly Hizballah’s puppet masters) from getting anything arranged.

What amuses me is that this is the same obstruction by delay that the UN and other anti-American / anti-Israel gangs have used in the past to hold up any response to their transgressions. It does show the power of being the actor instead of the reactor and I can only hope that the American/Israeli axis continues to push the pace while making nice noises at those who would normally intervene on behalf of the Caliphascists and their fellow travelers.

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cjm Thursday, 27 July 2006 at 16:25

Belmont Club has a great (speculative) analysis of what is going on in lebanon, vis a vis israeli behavior.

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