Maybe they are our ally, if inadvertently
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In other things that have dropped off the news are high gasoline prices. I was out on an errand today and saw premium gasoline at $2.95 / gallon. I remember (not so many months ago) when that would have been front page news. Now, no one seems to get very upset. I suspect that this is because the reaction to high gas prices has primarily been psychological, not financial. In real terms, gasoline is only moderately expensive, certainly not as expensive as it was in the 1970s oil crisis. People have a psychological reaction to such prices but after a while, when life basically goes on as normal without lines at the gas stations and no surge of bankrupticies, it just gets absorbed in to the zeitgeist.

At this point, it seems to me that high gas prices are not going to be a resonating issue for the 2006 elections. Given the war in the Mideast and the situation in Iraq, national security seems like it will be once again a major item. This post goes in the counter-productivity pile because it seems that Hamas and Hizballah have picked a rather bad time to bring national security back to the top of the US political agenda. I suppose it’s better than doing it in July 2008.

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David Cohen Wednesday, 26 July 2006 at 19:39

Although the typical high price of gas story in the newspaper or on local news is incredibly annoying because they always seem to expect high prices to bring gas lines.

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